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The dream of Muslim countries becoming the new Khalifa seems to be damaging for the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After the European Union, now the US has announced that it is going to impose strict sanctions against Turkey soon. In such a situation, after America’s economic sanctions, Turkey’s situation is going to deteriorate.

Apart from increasing tensions with France, America is also angry with Turkey for buying the S-400 defense system from Russia. According to the US, Turkey has broken the rules by purchasing the S-400 missile defense system from Russia and now there is no way left except to impose economic sanctions on it. A ban has also been announced on Turkey’s Presidency of Defense Industry and its chief Ismail Demir. It is through this institution that Turkey monitors the purchase and sale of weapons and their development. Turkey’s defense industry is likely to suffer a lot due to these sanctions by the US.

Turkey is also a member of NATO countries and did not discuss with other countries of the organization before buying an anti-aircraft system from Russia. The US has also excluded Turkey from its F-35 fighter aircraft program. The US had said that the S-400 system is a threat to stealth fighters and cannot be used with the NATO system. On the other hand, Turkey said that it had bought the S-400 missile defense system from Russia after the US refused to sell the US Patriot system.

It is reported that the Turkish army has activated Russia’s S-400 defense system, France and Greece are on their target. The Turkish force is using the radar of this Russian defense system to locate the F-16 fighter jet. Turkey itself also has F-16 fighter jets. After making some changes according to his needs, Turkey has given it the name of F-16S. It is believed that if the S-400 defense system kills America’s F-16 fighter jet, then it will prove that Russia’s weapons are much better and the US defense industry can suffer huge losses.

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