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Around mid-year, one starts assessing how the year could have looked up has things a certain way or if a powerful friend had kept some of the promises they made at the start of the year. Now, what if that powerful friend lives in the White House? US President Joe Biden must be among those having mid-year regrets. How he could have done things differently, arranged a couple of play dates, or at least made one important long-distance phone call to Pakistan. To whom? You already know. It is the Prime Minister Imran Khan. No call from Joe Biden and Modi!! Pakistani Opposition Say- ‘Shame on Imran Khan’!

No call from Joe Biden and Modi!

It so happened that ever since taking control of the Oval Office, Biden has not telephoned the PM. While Biden could say he had better things to do, most Pakistanis are clear that nothing can be better until PM Imran Khan’s phone had rung.
Imran Khan may have been gracious enough to say that Biden can call him whenever he has time, clearly, Biden does not have time and has other priorities. But others in Pakistan are not as forgiving. It turns out that not getting a call from the White House has become a cause to shame the Prime Minister with taunts. Opposition’s Bilawal Bhutto Zardari asked Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood to focus on arranging PM’s phone call with President Biden given its strategic importance in Pakistan’s politics.

A Matter Of Shame Says Opposition

“It is a matter of shame that our Premier does not even get a phone call,” said Bilawal Bhutto. Now, when you attach shame to national honour, then be ready to get a befitting response. Soon enough, throwaway remarks, speeches, rants and everything in between from members of the ruling party began to assert Pakistan’s honour in the hope that those mocking Imran Khan for not getting a call will dial back. The PM took the lead, criticising the US role in the aftermath of 9/11, saying he was never for the war against terrorism and that the US blamed Pakistan for its own failures in Afghanistan. It is another debate altogether why Imran Khan was voting for General Parvez Musharraf in 2002 referendum, about six months into the war on terror when he was against his biggest policy.


All this is the net result of Pakistan saying “no” to giving air bases to the US

According to the Pakistani prodigies, all this is the net result of Pakistan saying “no” to giving air bases to the US. And yet, in the parallel universe of Pakistan YouTube, the American President was defeated this week and is scared of who else but the Dabanng Khan. They are a perfect match to the warriors on Facebook where everyday is Israel’s last day.
But spare a thought for Imran Khan. Earlier it was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was not taking his calls; now it is US President Joe Biden who refuses to call him.

It is absolutely not Imran Khan, it is the changing pattern of world politics. The strong and firm do not make the call, take the call, or care about the call.

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