Saudi Arabia , protesters against CAA

A report published in Middle East Monitor claims that Saudi Arabia has deported some NRIs to India who was accused of mobilizing protests against the much controversial CAA/NRC bill in Saudi Arabia.

If reports are to be believed some NRIs mobilized protests against the Modi government regarding the provisions of CAA/ NRC and demanded the law to be repealed. Following the protests, the authorities arrested the protesters and deported them back to India as no protests or demonstrations can be organized in Saudi Arabia.

The report said that gulf countries have zero tolerance towards any kind of demonstrations and protests. Many people who are told to be young were unaware of this basic rule and also got into trouble for supporting the protest on social media.

India saw many anti CAA NRC protests, Shaheen Bagh in Delhi became the epicenter of this protest but it was called off due to the pandemic situation and lockdown imposed by the Central Government.

Another key factor is that in October last year, both India and Saudi Arabia agreed on a new Strategic Partnership Council partnership and enhanced cooperation on security issues, during the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to New Delhi.

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