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Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world. In the Indian subcontinent, the financial sector of Bangladesh is the third-largest. Its GDP is $318 billion est. 2020 and is ranked 35th.

The talk of today is the prawns farming in the country. Prawns & shrimps farming is a rapidly growing thing in Bangladesh. It is estimated that shrimp-based industries in Bangladesh directly employ almost 700,000 people with at least 3 million dependants; with their combined annual contribution of U.S. $360 to 365 million, Marine shrimp, prawns exports rank second only to garments in earning foreign exchange for Bangladesh.

However, there is a gloomy side to the story. This business is heavily damaging the agriculture and livelihood in the country.

Although, it provides immediate economic benefits, contributes to poverty reduction and food security, it has also been facing a lot of challenges.

It seems that socioeconomic impacts such as traditional livelihood displacement, social unrest, and market fluctuations are on the rise. Similarly, environmental impacts such as mangrove degradation, salt-water intrusion, and disease outbreaks are in common.

The salt-water intrusion has caused many problems like – loss of agriculture production ‘mainly rice’, reduced availability of fodder for livestock, and freshwater for domestic uses.

In Southwestern Bangladesh, a village named “Damarpota” has experienced the transformation of 274 ha (79%) of its prime quality rice fields into shrimp farms during the period between 1985 and 2003. Soil degradation and loss of acreage under rice have threatened the sustainability of the “Village Rice Ecosystem”..!!

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