Pakistani Muslim girl killed for refuse to marry her cousin

In a case of alleged honour killing, a teenage Pakistani Muslim girl in Italy has been killed and buried by her family for refusing to marry her own cousin. According to the Italian police, the teenage Pakistani girl, Saman Abbas’ parents Shabbar and Nazia, together with uncle Hasnain and cousins Nomanulhaq and Ijaz, allegedly strangled and buried her in the fields near her home.

Police is searching the mastermind Nomanulhaq

Police suspect all five of murder and disposing of her body, although no remains have yet been found. They have been searching for the girl since early May. Police detained Ijaz on June 6 while boarding a bus in France. He was extradited back to Italy. Shabbar and Nazia have fled to Pakistan. Hasnain, who is said to be the mastermind of the alleged murder, and Nomanulhaq are still on the run and police are searching for them.

Family forced the girl to marry her own cousin in Pakistan- Police

Police revealed that the case dates back to last year when the family tried to force Saman (the girl), into an arranged marriage with her cousin in Pakistan. The girl fled her home after she got into an argument with her parents for the same. Since October 2020, Saman had been living in a refugee camp under the protection of social services. However, on April 11 2021, Saman returned back to her parents. Authorities believed she had been tricked into returning home by her parents.


Incident record in CCTV

Saman’s boyfriend, told Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Reggio Emiliani that Saman texted him saying she had overheard her uncle saying that ‘murder is the only solution for girls who disobey Pakistan’s strict honour codes.’

The CCTV footage shows Saman’s parents taking their daughter into fields behind the farm at nine minutes past midnight on May 1. Just after 13 minutes, the couple returned, with father Shabbar carrying a backpack that Saman had previously worn. Saman was allegedly handed over to her uncle Hasnain and cousins who were waiting in the fields. They then allegedly killed and buried her body somewhere in the field, according to police.

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