President Joe Biden’s administration approved the potential sale of $735 million arms in precision-guided weapons to Israel, and Congressional sources said on Monday that U.S. lawmakers were not expected to object to the deal despite violence between Israel and Palestine.

America show strong support to Israel

The sale of Joint Direct Attack Munition, or JDAMs, made by Boeing Co. was considered routine at the times, before the start of last week of the fiercest hostilities in the region in years. Strong support for Israel is a core value for both Democratic and Republican members of the U.S. Congress, despite calls from a few of the Democrats to take a tougher stance against the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Asked for comment, a state department spokesperson noted that the department is restricted u der Federal law and Regulations from publicly commenting on or confirming details of licensing activities related to direct commercial sales like the JDAMs agreement. “We remain deeply concerned about the current violence and are working towards achieving a sustainable calm,” the spokesperson said.

There is no clear end in sight to the violence between Israel and Palestine

US law allows Congress to object to weapon sales, but it is unlikely to do so in this case. Because Israel is among a handful of countries whose military deals are approved under an expedited process, the typical window for objecting will close before lawmakers can pass a resolution of disapproval, even if they were inclined too.


Meanwhile, speaking on CBC’s Face The Nation on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said there was no clear end in sight to the violence between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip. “We will do whatever it takes to restore order and quiet,” he said, adding that it would take some time.

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