Is Pakistan's Foreign Minister afraid of another Surgical Strike

Two things can never really change in this world, the first one the intentions of China, and the second are the blunders committed by Pakistan. Following the path of destruction, Pakistan has reportedly blackmailed the US to stop India. In a recent interview, Pakistan’s foreign minister said that India is once again planning a surgical strike on Pakistan and the attack could have a negative impact on the Afghan peace deal.

Actually, the Taliban is in talks with Pakistan and it has threatened that if India strikes, it will not allow the Afghan peace deal which is important for America. According to the report, Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said on his UAE visit that India is planning another surgical strike on Pakistan which can have ill effects on the Afganistan peace pact which Pakistan is currently negotiating with the Taliban.

Taliban, which is highly influenced by Pakistan, is in constant talks with Afghanistani officials in Qatar, for the past two months to establish Peace. A Taliban team also arrived in Islamabad this week to hold talks with leaders of the Pakistani government in the midst of growing peace in neighboring Afghanistan, a report said.

According to experts, this is nothing but a threat to the US from Pakistan. And this is all being done to escape India’s Attack. So that the US would pressurize India not to attack Pakistan. On the political front, this is just another cheap tactic to build a wall between the US and India, to strain relations between both countries.

Recently, the US Congress has passed a $ 740 billion defense policy bill, which also shows the stance of the US on the Chinese intervention that took place in India. This means that no matter what happens, America will stand with India. It seems like this didn’t go well with Pakistan and therefore it is threatening the US by accusing India of obstructing the Afghan peace deal.

Pakistan deliberately wants to claim the benefit of the change of governance. A few days ago the United Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley also started talks with the Taliban in Qatar and according to him, Afghanistan is still an important place for America. This is what Pakistan wants to take advantage of so that India can be pressurized.

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