Indo-China Clash

Indo-China Clash: The US has supported India’s efforts to control the situation following fresh clashes between Indian and Chinese troops near Tawang sector in Arunachal Pradesh. Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder issued a statement saying, “We will remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the safety of our allies.” Here’s what he further added regarding the defense of the Indian Army.

Here’s what the Pentagon Press Secretary said!

The Press Secretory commented that,’We fully support the efforts of India in the way it handled the situation’. He has further said that the US is keeping an eye on the activities going on along the India-China border. He said that the world knows how dictatorially China is building so-called military infrastructure by gathering its forces at the border. He said that China is also being aggressive against US allies and partners in an attempt to assert itself. He said that after LAC, China is now becoming a big challenge for countries other than India as well in the maritime border. The presence of the Chinese military in the Indian Ocean region is a matter of concern.


Indo-China Clash: took place on 9th December!

A build-up of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops was seen on 9 December along the LAC in Yangtse in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang region. The Indian Army personnel asked the Chinese Army to withdraw and firmly prevented their further advance. In the skirmish that followed, soldiers from both sides suffered injuries. Immediately after the skirmish, both the sides returned to their areas. It is being told that a befitting reply was given to this sudden attack by the Chinese soldiers. While 20 soldiers were injured from the Indian side, the number of injured Chinese soldiers is said to be more than double.

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