As India fights the deadly pandemic Covid-19, France – one of the country’s trusted allies, has affirmed its faith in India’s leadership to tackle the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Addressing the India-EU virtual summit, French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday expressed his solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the presence of 26 other EU leaders saying India did not need a “lecture from anyone” on vaccine supplies. Amidst the massive propaganda unleashed by a section of foreign media to humiliate and shame India in international fora over its Covid-19 strategy, especially on the supply of vaccines, French President Macron asserted that India does not need to be “lectured from anyone” on vaccine supplies.

virtual Summit

French President also highlighted India’s vaccine exports to several countries in the time of the pandemic. The virtual summit was attended by Germany’s Angela Merkel and EU president Ursula Von der Leyen and amongst leaders of the European nations.

“Evidently, we must turn this vaccine into a global public good,” President Macron said. He also added that the European Union was leading the way in vaccine donations and called for the United States and Britain to share more.

Vaccine Maitri

Vaccine Maitri initiative by India: Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India had yet again come to the world’s aid by successfully supplying vaccines to its neighbouring and other developing countries at an extremely affordable cost, besides giving away millions of doses to friendly nations for free. At a time when Covid-19 wreaked havoc across the world, India exported indigenous vaccines to as many as 95 countries under its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ initiative. More than 67 million Covid-19 jabs have been exported to countries worldwide, including Iran, Uganda, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Brazil.

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