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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the country’s filmmakers to focus on creating new and original content instead of just blatantly imitating Bollywood, the Indian film industry. He was speaking at a short film festival in Islamabad. Imran Khan urged the country filmmakers to Don’t Copy Bollywood.

Imran Khan urged the Pakistani film industry to don’t copy Bollywood

Imran Khan said mistakes were made initially as the Pakistani film industry was ‘industry’ by Bollywood, resulting in a culture that continued the practice of copying and adopting another nation’s culture. “So the most important thing I want to say to young filmmakers is that according to my experience of the world, only originality sells – the copy has no value,” Imran Khan said, according to the Dawn newspaper in Pakistan. He further emphasized the importance of originality and urged the Pakistani film industry to come up with new ways of thinking.


Influence Of Bollywood In Pakistan’s Culture

Referring to the influence of Hollywood and Bollywood in Pakistan’s popular culture, Mr Khan said that people in the country do not purportedly watch local content unless it has a commercial spin. “So my advice to young filmmakers is to bring your own original thinking and do not fear the failure,” he was quoted as saying. “It is my life’s experience that the one who is afraid of defeat can never win.”

Imran Khan’s statements came amid the backdrop of Pakistan intending to revise its perception in the world. Speaking about Pakistan’s “image” as perceived globally, Khan said that the country is misrepresented as “soft” due to a sense of inferiority and defensiveness ranging back to the so-called ‘war on terror’. “The world respects those who respect themselves,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that “Pakistaniyat” should be promoted.

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