Global Facebook updates will target individuals and groups that break official community standards and impose limits on their reach as well as removal.

Facebook is taking new action to inhibit the spread of harmful content. The new restrictions begin by limiting the reach of groups and individuals, incrementally escalating to closing problematic groups and removing members who continue to violate Facebook’s rule and community standards. These changes will roll out globally over the next few months.

The overall focus of the new restrictions is to inhibit and ultimately stop the spread of harmful content. Harmful content is defined as hate speech and misinformation.

It’s interesting that Facebook is using the term “misinformation” and not “disinformation.” Misinformation is information that is in error, though not with an intent to deceive.

Disinformation is information that is erroneous and propagated with a willful intent to deceive.

Facebook groups that contain many members who tend to break the rules will see increasing restrictions because of those members that will limit the reach of the group content.

Facebook will also impose tough restrictions on problematic individuals who break the rules that will limit their ability to spread harmful content.

This move is being taken to discourage the proliferation of hateful groups by making them harder to find.

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