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After Chennai Super Kings southpaw Suresh Raina got attacked online for asserting his Brahmin identity, his friend and fellow CSK player Ravindra Jadeja demonstrated how to tackle the menace of leftist trolls on social media platforms. In utter defiance of the backlash that Raina faced for calling himself a Brahmin while commenting during a match in Tamil Nadu Premier League, Ravindra Jadeja, who is also a part of the Indian Cricket Team and is currently on tour to England for the upcoming test series, posted a tweet where he called himself a ‘proud Rajput boy.’ After this tweet liberals shocked Ravindra Jadeja tweets: “RAJPUTBOY FOREVER. Jai Hind.”

“#RAJPUTBOY FOREVER. Jai Hind,” Jadeja tweeted

Leftist trolls on social media platforms have attacked notable celebrities who not shying to express his Hindu identity

Jadeja’s bold tweet betrays that he cares two hoots about the outrage that would inevitably follow after he unabashedly asserted his Rajput identity. It shows his haughty disregard of the left wing users, who have made it their profession to attack those who are proud of their Hindu roots and cultural heritage. For some time now, the leftist trolls on social media platforms have attacked notable celebrities who have not shied away from expressing their caste and Hindu identity.

These trolls not only resort to abusing, threatening and berating such personalities online but they also indulge in promoting ‘cancel culture’ against them and encouraging their social ostracism, simply because their ideology did not converge with their’s.

Jadeja suggests that one should take them on the front foot and hit them out of the park

However, Jadeja has a way to deal with such nasty left wing trolls – instead of ducking their attacks on the back foot or slavishly heading to their demands, the all-rounder suggests that one should take them on the front foot and hit them out of the park, without bothering about the consequences. With his tweet, Jadeja displayed that the only way to fight the scourage of these trolls on social media websites is by wearing one’s caste/identity on their sleeve, instead of forfeiting one’s identity and meekly surrendering to their outrage.

As such, this is not the first time that Jadeja has been unapologetic about his caste. In April 2020 too, Jadeja’s sword-wielding and “Rajput Boy” assertion has raised the hackles of the left ist ideologues and trolls on social media.


Few day ago, Suresh Raina landed in a controversy after he asserted his Brahmin identity

Jadeja’s defiance should be aped by others as well because if they keep humouring unreasonable demands made by the left wing trolls, it will not only legitimate their outrage, but will also embolden them to continue indulging in such perverse conduct. It is time that the left wing ideologues and their piddly trolls on social media are made to realise that they have no business to dictate and regulate people from asserting their religious and cultural identity online.

Days ago, former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina landed in a controversy after a commentary during Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) where he asserted his Brahmin identity and said that he relates to the culture of Chennai. He has been an integral part of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and was speaking about his connection with Chennai.

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