As India struggles to fight the escalating second wave of coronavirus, many states have announced strict curbs and lockdown to tackle the situation and adhere to the Covid-19 norms. States that have announced lockdown and intra-state travel ban have asked citizens to get e-passes in case of emergency commute. And inevitably, authorities have been bombarded with unusual e-pass requests have them scratching their heads. Kerala Police received a bizarre request from a man who wanted to step outside ‘for sex’.

Kerala Police received a bizarre request for issue a E-pass

In one such incident, the Kerala Police received a bizarre request from a man who wanted to step outside ‘for sex’. The resident from Irinave in Kannur’s Kannapuram requested in his e-pass application that he needed to go out for ‘sex’. The man wanted to go to a place in Kannur in the evening. On receiving the application, the Assistant Commissioner of Police was alerted. The police were instructed to nab the individual, who was brought to the station for questioning, reports Kerala Kaumudi.

The individual apology for that and revealed that it was a mistake 

The individual revealed that it was a mistake and he did not write the correct spelling. He said that he intended to write ‘six o’clock’ and that was misspelt ‘sex’. Accepting his apology, the man was released and instructed not to apply for an e-pass for non-essential reasons.

Earlier  Bihar Police received a bizarre request for E-Pass 

Earlier in a similar incident, the District Magistrate of Purnea, Bihar, took to Twitter to share another bizarre application for an e-pass that was received by the Bihar Police. Taking to the social media site, Rahul Kumar said, “Maximum applications we receive for issuance of E-Pass during #lockdown are genuine but then we receive this kind of requests as well. Brother, your pimple treatment may wait. #Priorities.”


The applicant said that he needed to travel to treat his ‘acnes and pimples’, hence immediately needed an e-pass.
Ever since the lockdown was announced, reports have suggested how police forces across different states police have expressed their frustration when citizens come up with the ‘lamest’ of all reasons to be on the roads and get a pass.

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