PM Modi and amit shah

In an scathing attack on the government over the Pegasus snooping scandal, Congress MLA and president of Rajasthan Youth Congress Ganesh Ghogra declared that PM Modi and HM Amit Shah should be beaten with shoes for illegally spying on people by hacking their phones.

Ghogra also levelled the charge of ‘Dalal’ of the BJP at Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra

“Our Governor sitting over here is a dalal of the BJP but our leaders of Congress stand with the common people. Today, price rise has been skyrocketing, price of petrol, price of gas, price of gas, price of diesel…price rise has broken the back of common person and today they are going to turn our country into one which is not independent,” said Ganesh Ghogra, Congress MLA from Dungarpur at a protest rally called by the party in Jaipur to demand juridical probe in the Pegasus spying case.

PM Modi and HM Amit Shah Should Be Beaten With ‘Shoes’

Lashing out at PM Narendra Modi over the alleged Pegasus case, Ghogra charged, ‘’Our thoughts, what is our intention, our personal talks are being tapped. Who can indulge in such an evil act? This can be done by Modi ji and this Ranga-Billa, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi can do this. They should be made to run, beaten by shoes.’’

Congress MLA Ganesh Ghogra delivered hate speech

Several cabinet ministers in Rajasthan government including Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, BD Kalla, Mamta Bhupesh – were present on stage while Ghogra made these remarks. However, none of them attempted to stop Ghogra from delivering the hate speech or reprimanded him. Congress leaders had planned to march towards RajBhawan in Jaipur on Thursday to demand a juridical probe in the Pegasus spying case. Senior Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot also attacked the Narendra Modi-led-government at the Center on Wednesday in the Pegasus spying case. Pilot questioned why the Center has not ordered an inquiry into the case so far when it has already been done in France!


A legal viewpoint to Pegasus case

The recent Pegasus controversy has brought forward various new questions which require consideration. At the heart of the controversy is the activity of infecting the mobile phones of the targeted persons by inserting spyware and then converting mobile phones into individual spy devices for spying upon data and activities of targeted data subjects. Seen from one perspective, the said act falls in the grey zone. The company which develop this software says it is only providing software to governments and governmental agencies and that too for purposes of fighting terror and crime.

Government should ensure golden balance

Legal frameworks need to be appropriately amended so as to specifically ensure the golden balance between protecting sovereign rights of the government along with protecting digital rights and liberties of users. More significantly, increasing efforts must now be undertaken through legal and policy approaches for coming up with appropriate checks and balances to prevent the misuse of interception related powers. It will be interesting to see how contentious issues raised by the Pegasus are addressed by various stakeholders in the coming times.

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