In an incident of such drama, one  AAP leader in Goa was seen distributing rations to families who do not like in the need of any help. Adv Pratima Betsy Coutinho, the vice president of Aam Aadmi Party in Goa, has been roaming around in the state distributing ration to people, to both who need them and who do not need them. In a video, that has gone viral on social media, Pratima was seen giving a bag full of items to a seemingly wealthy family living in a big bungalow in Navelim Constituency.

New Drama by AAP leader in Goa! Ration distributed to wealthy family

In the video posted by Goa News Hub, Pratima is seen riding a scooter with a bag, who stops in front of a big iron gate that leads to the large bungalow. While a lady comes out to receive the packet, a sedan car, perhaps a Suzuki Ciaz is seen parked inside the premises, and the sound of a pet dog barking is also heard. From the video it can be concluded that it is the residence of a wealthy family and are not in the need of a ration distributed by AAP.

This is not the first time the AAP leader has distributed ration to seemingly rich people

Interestingly, Pratima Betsy Coutinho had herself retweeted the tweet posted by Goa News Hub along with the video. The bag handed out by the AAP leader to the lady had Aam Aadmi Party written on it, with Pratima saying that Aam Aadmi Party is doing this to help people. This is not the first time the AAP leader has distributed ration to seemingly rich people living in well-maintained houses. There are several photographs posted by the AAP leader herself and other which show her distributing ration to families who do not like ones in the need of free ration from any angle.

AAP leader inaugurated a speed breaker in Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party Delhi MLA Shiv Charan Goel faced flak on social media for promoting the inauguration of a tabletop speed breaker in New Delhi with much fanfare. The Delhi MLA took to Twitter to share photos of the inauguration event, and was immediately trolled. The photos showed over 20 people in attendance, in violation of the Covid-19 norms like wearing of masks and social distancing for a toss.

“Under the leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal ji, development work in Moti Nagar is continuing despite the Covid-19 pandemic. To prevent speed and accident, we inaugurated tabletop speed breaker near Fun Cinema, at Moti Nagar Red Light Crossroad,” wrote Shiv Charan Goel, an MLA from Moti Nagar.


People Slams App on the Social Media

However, the peculiar incident of speed breaker inauguration led to massive trolling on the micro-blogging site. A Twitter user said, “Worthy of the party who themselves have been a “Speed Breaker” in the progress of Delhi & the country, to be inaugurating a “Speed Breaker” with such pompous and fanfare!!”

The Aam Aadmi Party has been indulging in lots of drama in recent time. While its Delhi government has failed in every aspect like building new schools, hospitals, oxygen plants etc as promised by it, it is showing its success in other areas. The AAP leaders are inaugurating speed breakers, releasing advertisements worth crores of rupees instead of buying vaccines etc.

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