Legal experts say holding parties that can lead to dea th from, Covid-19 during the pandemic could lead to manslaughter charges. The warning follows a B.C. provincial court judge’s scathing words to a Vancouver man who turned his downtown penthouse into a party palace amid Covid-19 restrictions earlier this year.

The judge described Mohammad Movassaghi’s makeshift condo night club as a ‘crime, not a party’ during sentencing on April 28. Mohammad received one day in jail after credit for 10 days of time served pre-sentence.

Officers found 78 massless people inside the three-level suite, along with menus for a popular Restro-Bar. “If someone who had been at your party was infected and died, you are guilty of manslaughter. This could be man slaughter because it was an u lawful act, and it could result in death,” the judge said.

Clearly, he voluntarily assumed a risk that could kill people in the midst of the pandemic. Here, the lawful act would be the wilful taking of chances. By bringing all of these people in during a pandemic, that is reckless behaviour.

Covid-19 survivor and criminal lawyer Kyla Lee said it is an important message for the public to hear. Ultimately speaking, if you pass Covid onto somebody and they die, you could legally be held responsible, Lee said. Lee, however, believes that a criminal charge would be very tough to prove in court.

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