Once again Pakistan is in the headlines, our neighboring nation Pakistan often faces humiliation in front of India in International forums. This trouble is faced by Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and that’s in front of Russian President Putin on the International stage just because of not being able to put on earphones.

The opposition party shares the act.

As this made Vladimir Putin laugh, Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif’s action in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The video of Shahbaz Sharif is becoming viral and increasing the viewership of their foolish act done by him on social media. Not only this Pak PM is also being trolled for the same on social media.


Putin made fun of Shahbaz

Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif was brutally trolled after the video of him not being able to put on earphones during his meeting with the Russian President went viral. Not only getting trolled on social media the Pakistani former Prime Minister Iran Khan’s party has also shared this video, in which it is shown how Pak PM Sharif is seen struggling to put on earphones for translator tool in front o Russian President Vladimir Putin. When he fails in this, he also pleads for help from the stage itself.

This entire scene happened on the sidelines of the SCO meeting, a meeting was going on between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Russian President Vladimir Putin. When Vladimir Putin started his talk in Russian, the Pakistan Prime Minister realized that he could not understand anything because his translation tool was not working. After this, he tries to fix the tool and put it in his ear and the earphone also falls from his ear. Seeing this sight, even Putin himself could not stop laughing. It can be seen in the video that when Pak PM Sharif fails while trying to install earphones, he says in English- Can someone help me. After this, the officers present in the meeting hall put the earphones with their translator tools in their ears properly. However as soon as Putin speaks, once again Sharif’s earphones fall and Putin laughs again. In this way, the Pak PM has to face embarrassment in front of Putin.

But, the second time again the officers come and fix their earphones. However, Pakistani social media users and Imran Khan’s party people troll him badly regarding this incident.
As this time again Pakistan’s PM got trolled and this incident happened during talks with Putin in Uzbekistan.

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