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WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. In addition to sending text messages, videos, photos, people use it wisely for voice and video calling. With WhatsApp, people make international calls as well as local, but the data is also very useful so it also needs to be saved. But there is a trick using which one will be able to save your mobile data using WhatsApp easily by following it.

How to save data in Whatsapp Call

There are settings in your phone to save data in a WhatsApp call. However, clicking this option reduces the quality of audio and video calls as well.

>> For this, first you click on the settings of WhatsApp.
>> then click on data and storage usage.
>> After this, go to call settings and turn on low data usage.

There is another which is also very useful. If you want to save your and storage as well, then for this you have to change some settings. After this setting, the media files in chats will not be auto-downloaded and not saved. With this option, a lot of data is also saved and the memory of the phone is also saved.

1. For this, go to the WhatsApp settings and click on Data and storage usage.

2. First of all, Auto Download will appear which has options for Photo, Audio, Video, and Documents.

3. Clicking on it will show three options, first Never, second Wi-Fi, and third Wi-Fi and cellular.
4. Click on Never, now the media file will not autosave.

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