MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the finest cricketers ever and his record speaks volumes of his prowess. The dasher has tormented many prominent bowlers in his illustrious career and his wicket keeping prowess never allowed batsmen to breathe easy. However, the thing which stands head and shoulders above all his skill sets is his captaincy. The talismanic cricketer led his troops with great authority and the number of trophies in Dhoni’s cabinet speaks volumes. We will take a bullet for him without a second thought – KL Rahul on MS Dhoni.

We will take a bullet for him without a second thought- KL Rahul

In fact, the wicket keeper batsman is the only captain to have clinched all the three major ICC titles in limited-overs cricket. Apart from making precise decisions on the field, Dhoni is also known to bring the best out of the players. Many prominent players like Ravichandran Ashwin and Virat Kohli even credit the veteran cricketer for their success. KL Rahul is also one of many players who made their international debut under Dhoni and made a mark worldwide. Speaking of Dhoni’s capabilities as a captain, Rahul said that Dhoni earned respect of his teammates with his humble nature. He even said that anyone who played under the former Indian captain would be ready to take a bullet for him.


Captain’s biggest achievement is respect – Rahul

In an interaction with Forbes India, KL Rahul said – “The minute anybody says captain, the first name which comes into anybody’s mind from our generation is MS Dhoni. We have all played under him. Yes, he has won a lot of tournaments, done amazing things for the country but I think the biggest achievement that as a captain you can have is respect of your teammates.”

He further added, “Any of us would take a bullet for him without a second thought. Something that I have learnt from him is how humble he has been through ups and downs. How he put his country ahead of everything else is just unbelievable.”

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