100 Year Old Idgah

UP : For those fighting for land, the people of Nanau village of Akarabad, a town in Aligarh, have set an example. It was agreed to remove the 100 Year Old Idgah, which was obstructing the widening of Aligarh-Kanpur National Highway, without any legal hassle and controversy. Now Idgah will be built on the land of Gram Sabha in the village itself.

In the past also, for the construction of this highway, the people of village Panaithi had agreed to remove the mosque in a similar manner. Aligarh-Kanpur section is being widened under National Highway-91. Action is on to make this highway four lane and six lane. In the district, 53 hectares of land has been acquired from village Bauner to Gopi in about 15 villages.

Compensation of about 1.5 billion has been distributed so far

In lieu of this, compensation of about 1.5 billion has been distributed so far. In the land being acquired for the widening of the highway, village Nanau of Akrabad, about 100 years old Idgah also came under JD. The officials of NH and land teaching department, being a religious place, contacted the local people.

On this, 17 people including the former head of the village Nazir and Ajmeri Khan submitted an application to the administration to transfer the Idgah located in Gata number-840 on their own. After which the work of shifting the Idgah has been started by the administration while taking forward the work of widening.


The new Idgah will be constructed on the land of Gram Sabha

The land for the new Idgah has not yet been decided in the village. Tehsil Day was organized in the past after the Corona period. In which the people of the village submitted a letter in front of DM Chandrabhushan Singh to give land for Idgah. Chandra Bhushan Singh, DM said that the people of the village had given an application regarding shifting of Idgah to village Nanau for the widening of Aligarh-Kanpur.

Departmental officers have been directed in this regard. – Nazir, former head, Nanau says that in the widening of Aligarh-Kanpur highway, there was Idgah in Gata number-840. The process of shifting it to another place has also started. Now a new Idgah will be constructed on the land of the Gram Sabha.

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