making Water from Air & Sunlight

Water scarcity has continued to be one of the biggest problems for people living in Dubai and other Middle East countries due to its geographical location. Such countries have adopted various measures like mineralising rivers, desalinating oceans, drilling into the ground to overcome the water crisis. This company is making Water from Air & Sunlight in Dubai.

SOURCE Global is making Water from Air & Sunlight

However, with overpopulation and climate change, innovators have been on the lookout for a new solution. As a result, a company called SOURCE Global has started extracting water from the air with the hope of helping water-scarce countries, according to a report on SOURCE’s innovative technology is based on atmospheric water generators that can produce potable water from the surrounding air. Since atmospheric water generators consume a lot of electricity and only work in places with high air humidity, therefore, SOURCE decided to develop a more flexible and sustainable solution.

Threw this process this magic happened

The company has successfully created mineralised drinking water from the air. As per the report, its solar panels power a fan that draws in air. Inside the device, the air travels through a sponge-like material that traps the water vapour. As it collected, magnesium and calcium are added to the water to improve its taste and provide possible health benefits.

SOURCE’s largest water farm is located in Dubai

SOURCE’s largest water farm is located in Dubai where it produces 1.5 million litres of water every year. Besides, the company has also installed its hydro panels around the world at hospitals, schools, and worksites that have difficulties accessing water. As per, the company’s next partnership will be in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Coast, where a development company is aiming to build 18 hotels that will serve this water.


One of the most popular methods of producing water is desalination

According to a World Bank report, the Middle East and North African countries withdraw water from underground reservoirs to irrigate farmland. To overcome water scarcity and meet the increasing demand, these regions have been producing their own water. One of the most popular methods of producing water is desalination.

Earth has 71% water but the Middle East and North Africa are the most water-scarce region in the world, home to just 1% of the world’s freshwater resources.

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