Election season in India comes with a lot of ‘promises’ that people rarely see being fulfilled after their candidates win the polls.

In Tamil Nadu, Thulam Sarvanan, a candidate fighting from South Madurai, has released his election manifesto with promises that seem a bit too much. This candidate’s manifesto is so ‘out of the world’ that it literally holds a promise to send every person in the constituency for a vacation to the Moon.

According to local media reports, Saravanan has promised to provide every household in his constituency with free helicopters and robots for those with homemakers. Ha has promised to give free iPhones and transfer Rs 1crore each in every person’s bank account. The politician has said he will give every constituent a three-story house with a swimming pool. That’s not it, Saravanan has said he will build a 300-feet-tall iceberg in South Madurai to deal with the summer.

Saravanan’s manifesto pamphlet was shared on social media by a Chennai-based journalist Radhakrishnan RK.

It is not that Saravanan, alone, is promising all the freebies to woo people into voting for him, the tactic is being used by all major parties across all regions for decades now.

Tamil Nadu will go to the polls on April 6, 2021, to elect the 16th Legislative Assembly. The results will be declared on May 2.

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