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Delhi roads have been jammed by Farmer Unions pertaining to the protest against the new farm bills. And the farmer unions have said the situation will remain the same till the farm laws are taken back. But a survey conducted by News 18 India recently has revealed that most of the people are in favor of the new laws.

It has been about a month since the farmer’s protest started. AAP, Congress, Akali Dal have constantly worked to add fuel to the fire for political gains. The Modi government held several rounds of talks but did not come to any conclusion. A survey by News 18 has revealed that 73.05% of people are in support of these agricultural reforms. These people believe that these laws will benefit farmers.

48.71% of people have described this movement as ‘politically motivated’.

In this way, more than two-thirds of the people are in support of the farm laws of the central government, and about half of the people consider the protest as politically motivated. News18 claims that in this survey, an attempt has been made to get the opinion of people from every corner of the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. A total of 2412 people participated in this survey and a total of 12 questions were asked.

The media house has said that people from over 22 states participated in this survey.

People in states where farming is extensive in nature were seen in support of these farm laws. In Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, these agricultural laws have all been supported. However, support for these agricultural laws was slightly less in Punjab, as the laws have been made a political issue.

52.69% believe that farm laws should not be scrapped. 60.90% of people believe that after implementation farmers will get a better price for their produce. 73.05% of people are in favor of agricultural reforms and modernization in agriculture. 69.65% were in favor of selling produce outside APMC.

While there have been constant apprehensions regarding APMC. But the central government has refuted all the claims and marked them as rumors. The government says that APMC will not be demolished it will be the choice of the farmers to sell their produce outside APMC or in the mandi’s. BKU is now under the scanner as a central agency has sought the registration through which BKU has been receiving international funding. In the last 2 months, BKU has received 8 lakhs which raises apprehensions and it is being alleged that it has not followed the guidelines of FCRA which further puts it in trouble.

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