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The inspiration behind 3 idiots Sonam Wangchuck has come up with another innovation to help soldiers who are protecting the country at borders battling with extreme cold. He has invented a solar heater tent that can help soldiers keep warm at 15 degrees celsius even if the temperature outside reaches up to -14 degrees Celsius. In a tweet, Sonam Wangchuck shared pictures of the tent and gave the following information.

The tent can accommodate about 10 soldiers at a time and is portable as all the parts weigh less than 30 kgs he also said that this would also help in conserving the climate as tons of kerosene or other resources would be saved and will also result in it in curbing carbon emissions.

The innovation attracted many netizens and many were scene praising chuck for this beautiful innovation Anand Mahindra also shared the tweet and said that he salutes Wangchuck and he appreciates his work.

Sonam Wangchuk is the founder of the Student Educational Cultural Movement in Ladakh which was started back in 1988 by a group of students. The institute has now received major acclaim as it runs solely on Solar Energy and no conventional means of energy is utilized.

Wangchuk also came up to aid of Ladakh as he invented a new way to provide freshwater to upper reaches where there was a situation of water crisis. The sources of water are the nearby streams and he also used his artificial glaciers that would stock freshwater for the community and would become very handy in the springtime.

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