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Iqbal Ansari, one of the oldest Muslim Litigants in the Ayodhya title dispute case, said he was not interested in the construction of the Mosque anymore.

Ansari distanced himself from the mosque that would come upon the five-acre land given to Central Sunni Waqf Board in Dhannipur. Ansari has disapproved of the design of the mosque to be constructed. He said that the proposed design of the mosque is inspired by foreign architecture, it should be made as per Indian architecture. Ansari said that the mosque is not meant for show-off and that it should be simple. He was also disappointed with the Trust for neglecting him. He said that the case was fought in the Court for 70 years and yet, no party to the case is being consulted for anything.

‘Opposing’ the idea of naming the mosque after ‘Babar’, Iqbal Ansari said that the mosque should not be known by the name of Babar because he was not the messiah of the Muslims of the country.

Ansari questioned the low donation rate for the construction of the mosque. “It has been 16 months and the trust has got only Rs 20 lacks,” he stated. We all are aware that Indo-Islamic Culture Foundation(IICF) is responsible for building the mosque. Iqbal said that the working style of the IICF President is not good and the trust seems a private company. This is the reason why people are not keen to donate.

The project was formally launched by the UP Sunni Waqf Board. The Mosque complex includes a hospital, museum, library, a community center, an Indo-Islamic Cultural Research Centre, and a Publication house in addition to the Mosque.

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