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A Shiv Sena leader and businessman-builder from Kalyan, Sanjay Gaikwad, who purchased a Rolls Royce car worth Rs 8 crore recently, has been booked by the Kolsewadi police in Kalyan for electricity theft of around Rs 35,000.

Shiv Sena leader booked for electricity theft worth Rs 35,000

The FIR was filed based on a complaint registered against the Shiv Sena leader by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL). The complaint was registered after the electricity department conducted an inspection at one of the construction sites belonging to the Shiv Sena leader in March this year and found electricity theft there. Following this, a bill of Rs 34,840 was sent to Gaikwad and a penalty of Rs 15,000 was imposed on him. When, even after three months, Gaikwad failed to pay up to total amount, the MSEDCL filed an FIR against him.

After the FIR was registered, the Shiv Sena leader cleared the electricity bill and the penalty

According to reports, after the FIR was registered, the Sena leader cleared the bill on July 12. He paid a sum of Rs 49,840, which included Rs 34,840 in electricity bill amount and Rs 15,000 penalty to the power operator. As he cleared the dues after a delay of three months, he denied his involvement in any power theft and accused the state electricity department of filing a false case against him.

“If I have stolen electricity, then why were my meters at the sites not removed?” he asked, adding that every year he pays taxes worth crores of rupees to the government. He alleged that the department registered a case against him in a rush without trying to look into the details. He asked for a fair probe in the matter.

Stuff coronavirus in the mouth’ of Fadnavis- Sanjay Gaikwad

Interestingly, Sanjay Gaikwad is the same person who had drawn flak recently from the Bhartiya Janta Party for his distasteful remarks against the former Chief Minister and the leader of opposition, Devendra Fadnavis. On April 19, Gaikwad had said that he wishes he could ‘stuff coronavirus in the mouth’ of Fadnavis. Following Gaikwad’s remarks, BJP workers had staged protests against him in Buldhana and burnt the MLA’s effigy. The electricity theft case dates back to March this year when an MSEDCL team conducted an inspection at Gaikwad’s construction sites and found power theft there.


Sanjay Gaikwad owns a Rolls Royce worth Rs 8 crore, booked for electricity theft

In the past, BJP leader Nikesh Rane had claimed that many Shiv Sena MLAs, MPs and ministers in Thane are involved in corruption, financial malpractices and illegal business in the black market. The statement was made after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided the Shiv Sena spokesperson and MLA Pratap Saranaik’s house and office on November 24. The team then arrested Saranaik’s son Vihang Saranaik for money laundering.

Rane had further added that the ED is a government agency and works not because of what a person or a party thinks. Sanjay Nirupam also alleged that the fact is several Shiv Sena leaders have gathered enormous properties by corrupt means. Such cases must be investigated generally. Some others alleged that Sena corporators and MLAs have been routinely caught for their wrong doings. One Sena corporator was responsible for Ghatkopar building collapse because he made illegal construction in its basement.

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