A Mahadalit colony in Majhuwa village under Baisi Police station of Bihar’s Purnia. was engulfed with raging conflagration on the night of May 19 (Wednesday) as Shantidoots in the region launched a brutal attack against the Dalit settlement. At least 13 Mahadalit houses were reduced to ashes, after a mob of 200 to 250 Shantidoots from three to four nearby villages, armed with weapons, surrounded the colony and set it on fire. while Shantidoot mob attack Dalits they are helples.

Muslim mob brutally attacked on Dalits 

The mob brutally attacked the Dalits who tried to stop them from carrying out the destruction. Showing the least empathy towards the aged, children or the women, the mob dragged them out of their houses and brutally assaulted them with sharp weapons. In the attack, an elderly retired watchman namely Mewa Lal Rai (70) was lynched to death. A pregnant lady named Laxmi Devi was mercilessly assaulted by the rampaging mob. She sustained critical injuries but managed to flee the spot.

Muslim mob attacks to free land from Dalits

The reason behind the said incident of ransacking, assault and arson by the Shantidoots is said to be the grudges these people hold towards the Dalits residing in the area, which is primarily a minority dominated one. For months now, the minority groups have been agitating asking the Dalits to vacate the land claiming it belongs to them. According to the Dalits, the land on which their houses are made is government land.

3 FIRs have been lodged but only two arrests so far

“Since the incident, 3 FIRs have been lodged in the Baisi Police station against 7 identified and over 100 unidentified persons, but the police under alleged pressure from the administration has made only two arrests so far. The arrested accused were identified as Md Sakir and Md Ibrahim,” said Vivek Lath, VHP’s Prachar Pramukh of Purnia district.


AIMIM leader Sayed Ruknuddin are also involved in this- Vivek 

Vivek specified in clear terms that these groups in the region were being able to carry out the crimes against Dalits in connivance with the administration and the local police. He confirmed that these incidents are carried out with the help of local MLA and AIMIM leader Sayed Ruknuddin. Vivek added that these culprits are also being provided with financial aid to carry out these crimes. The VHP leader said that sources in the village have informed them that since the incident happened a sum of Rs 50 lakh has been provided to these culprits.

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