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Those who have houses made of glass shouldn’t throw stones at the homes of others… The proverb fits perfectly with Congress’Party leader Rahul Gandhi. His family and party were in the power for nearly 60 years, but whatever he says these days just becomes a joke as at present, all the disputes on the country’s borders are almost given by Congress. One such issue related to Arunachal Pradesh, which has been occupied by China.

In fact, according to the latest satellite photos, China has built 101 houses within 4 kilometers of the border of Subansiri village in Arunachal Pradesh. According to reports, the construction which is visible on 1 November 2020 was not before August 2019. Taking the advantage of the situation, Rahul Gandhi started taking shots against Prime Minister Modi regarding this whole matter. He reminded the PM of his ‘I will not let the country bow down'(Mai Desh Nahi Jhukne Dunga) slogan. Rahul has asked the Modi government to come clear on the issue and resolve the doubts regarding the matter by providing necessary information in the public domain. Rahul Gandhi said, ” Managing Headlines won’t do it, a proper answer to China can only make a point.” If India did not give a clear answer to China, they would take advantage of it. Therefore I ask the Government of India to do something on the issue. ”

Although BJP on its level responded to Rahul’s remarks, thing is that former politicians and military officials have responded to Rahul Gandhi’s statement that China occupied this area of ​​Arunachal only in 1959. But at that time there was no construction of any kind, which is now being done. And the dispute now is all about construction. Experts say that the situation is exactly of the situation as in PoK and Aksai Chin region. India can protest on this matter, but the issue can be better resolved through diplomatic negotiations.

The Ministry of External Affairs also responded to the issue. A spokesman for the ministry said that every situation on the China border is being closely monitored and the forces are always ready to maintain the security and sovereignty of the country. Therefore citizens of the country should not worry about anything. From experts to the Ministry Of External Affairs asserted that the matter date backs to 1959, thus bringing shame to Gandhi as the country was ruled by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Rahul Gandhi is not getting anything new to speak against the Modi government, so he now keeps talking about the farmer’s movement and China issue, but he forgets that in politics the most important thing is maturity which he often lacks. Raising the issue of China this time too, Rahul once again caught the flying arrow, but now that arrow has become a problem for the Congress. He had raised this issue to attack the BJP, but now he and his own party are being asked sharp questions on this issue.

In such a situation Rahul Gandhi can do nothing else but to avoid the situation, but he needs to see all the facts before asserting something. Because whenever he tries to project that conventional nationalist image of his party, it hits back harder on the negative side.

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