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Amidst all the corona situation and farmer’s protest, the latest survey has revealed that 74 percent of the people consider PM Modi’s governance excellent. According to a survey conducted by India Today from January 3-13, people were asked that how many seat parties can get if elections were held today in response, the NDA got 43 percent of the votes and 321 seats. At the same time, UPA had to be satisfied with 27 percent votes and 93 seats.

In the survey, 30 percent of people have said that PM Modi’s governance was excellent, while 44 percent of people have said it was good. While 17 percent consider the PM’s functioning as average, 8 percent have described it as poor. Another question was Who is the best minister in Modi government? In response, 39 percent of people voted for Amit Shah, 14 percent considered Rajnath Singh as the best, and 10 percent saw Nitin Gadkari as the best minister in the Modi government.

Another question asked in the survey was Who is the best PM ever?

An important question was asked to people in the survey, who do they consider to be the best PM ever? In response, 38 percent of people responded that they consider Narendra Modi to be the best PM. 18 percent of people chose Atal Bihar Vajpayee. 11 percent people chose Indira Gandhi and 8 percent described Jawaharlal Nehru as the best PM. About 7 percent of people chose Manmohan Singh as the best PM.

Another question was asked that Who is the best CM in India?

In the survey, when people were asked to choose the best CM of the country, 24 percent said that UP CM Yogi Adityanath was the best. Arvind Kejriwal came in second with 15 percent votes, while Mamata Banerjee was voted as the third-best CM by 11 percent and Nitish Kumar came in fourth with about 9 percent votes.

According to the India Today media group, a total of 12,232 people took part in this survey. Questions were asked from people from 97 Lok Sabha constituencies and 194 assembly constituencies of 19 states.

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