An incident of hate crime came into picture from Bahadurpur Jat village. The village is located 10km from Haridwar. Parcha were thrown into homes of Hindu – in which there is a message for Hindu residents. The pamphlets say, “All Hindus have to leave this village otherwise there will be no good. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Jamia 786.”

Rizwan wrote hate speech against Hindus on facebook

The village near Haridwar saw a communal aggression towards the Hindus. Sources say – A Muslim youth named Rizwan went to Saudi Arabia for work. He reportedly was employed in a company owned by the father of Bin Laden. While he was working there in Saudi Arabia, he started writing against Hindus on social media such as Facebook. In a post he wrote, “ Dear Muslims, first of all defeat Modi. Then we will be free to pick up their sisters and daughters from their homes and elope with them. No one will be able to stop us from then.”

Jivendra Singh Tomar took the matter to the local police

After that, on April 1, 2020, he also wrote something disrespectful about Maa Vaishno Devi. Unhappy with his posts, a resident, named Jivendra Singh Tomar took the matter to the local police. He complained about Rizwan and his post. However, the police advised that since Rizwan is not in the country, no action can be taken against him. When Rizwan got to know the things somehow, he wrote more hate posts. On May 20, referred to one of his friends and wrote, “No one make a decision better than Allah. Someone has to sacrifice. Perhaps Allah has chosen me for this work.” His message was intended to do a harm to Jivendra Singh Tomer.

Rizwan held a rally under the banner of Bhim army

Jivendra Singh Tomar was also waiting for Rizwan to come back to India, so that he can be trial under the law here. And on July 3, when Rizwan returned back to India, Jivendra Singh once again filed a complaint to the police. He informed the police about Rizwan’s returning home. Police tried to mediate and talked to both the man. But, it seemed that Rizwan had something else in his mind. It is said that Rizwan held a rally under the banner of Bhim army. In this rally, there were 95% Muslims. Rizwan intentionally kept himself away from the rally. In the rally, they raised slogans against Hindus. They used bad words. This incident was reported to the police.


Parcha’ thrown in Hindu houses asking them to leave the village immediately

The CCTV footage showed that some maskmen dropped the ‘parcha’ in homes of Hindus. However, former village pradhan Yunus said that Hindu is in majority in the village. The allegation is false. However, Yunus thought to be the supporting hands in all the incidents happening in the village. After all this, there is tension in the village. A large police force have been deployed. Hindus have asked the police to normalise the situation else, there will be more protest.

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