In over 150 temples in Dehradun, banners have been put up saying that entry of non – Hindus are banned on the premises. The banners have been put by right-wing outfit Hindu Yuva Vahini whose members alleged that they plan to put up such banners in temples across Uttarakhand. The banners have been put up at the temples situated in Chakrata Road, Suddho wala, and Prem Nagar areas of Dehradun.

The move comes days after a teenage boy from the Muslim community was assaulted for drinking tap water at the Dasna Devi temple in Dasna (Ghaziabad). The temple has a board that says “Muslims are not allowed inside” which has been put up on the directions of the temple’s head priest Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati.

Incidentally, after the incident, BSP MLA from Dhaulana Aslam Chaudhary had alleged that the temple belonged to his ancestors, adding that he will remove the posters banning the entry of non – Hindus into the temple.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini General Secretory Randhawa alleged that ‘in order to counter Aslam’s threat, we will now put up such posters outside every temple in Uttarakhand’.

“The temple is revered place for people who believe in the Sanatan Dharma and hence, only those people who belong to this religion will be allowed inside,” said Randhawa.

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