In a major crackdown against anti-India elements and pro-Pakistan sympathisers, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has decided to strip away certain privileges and rights such as passport clearance, appointment to Govt jobs if found to be involved in anti-India activities. According to the reports, the Jammu and Kashmir administration will be prohibiting passport and visa clearance to people who have a track record of participating in anti-national activities.

No Passport or Govt Job For Stone-Pelters

A circular from the SSP of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Special Branch, Kashmir, has asked all field units to ensure that all such verification be corroborated with local police. The CID has also asked officials to scrutinise digital evidence like CCTV footage and photographs before the clearance.

“It must be ensured that during verification related to passport, service, and any other verification related to government services/schemes, the subject’s involvement with law and order, stone-pelting cases and other crime prejudicial to the security of the state be specifically looked into, and the same must be corroborated with local police station records,” the order said.

Army officials had disclosed that the new modus operandi

The latest order comes a day after army officials had disclosed that the new modus operandi to indoctrinate and train Kashmiri youth into terrorism was to call them through proper visa channels instead of risking crossing the border illegally. On Saturday, the army spokesperson revealed that at least 40 youths from Kashmir travelled on visas to Pakistan for studying purposes after receiving proper visas, however, they returned as hardcore terrorists.

He said that out of the 40 youths who were granted visas and travelled Pakistan via Wagah, 27 infiltrated India with weapons and were killed in encounters. The others are still across the border, and a few of them are in touch with their families, the officer said. “We are keeping a watch,” he said.


Proper scrutinisation of candidates before employing for public jobs

Earlier, the Union Territory administration had ordered proper scrutinisation of candidates before granting them a government job. The CID was asked to take digital evidence and police records of a candidate. It is also now mandatory for a candidate to disclose whether any family member or close relative is associated with any political party or organisation, or has participated in any political activity, or has had links with a foreign mission or organisation, or any prescribed/ prohibited/ banned organisation such as the Jamaat-e-Islami.

In addition, the candidate should also disclose the details of jobs of one’s parents, spouse, children and step-children, parents-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law are also mandatory. In case of receipt of an adverse report, to be confirmed by a screening committee, the appointment to a government job will be withdrawn or terminated.

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