In a bizarre incident, a groom in Odisha reportedly walked out of his wedding after seeing that the girl’s family will not serve ‘Mutton curry’ to the wedding guests. As per reports, a 27-year-old man named Ramakant Patra cancelled his wedding after learning that the bride’s family have not included mutton curry in the feast menu.

The Incident from Sukinda District

As per reports, the incident occurred in Jaipur district’s Sukinda. Patra, whodisha o hails from neighbouring Keonjhar district was to marry a girl from Sukinda’s Bandhagaon village. When the baratis arrived at the wedding venue for the ceremony, they were welcomed by the bride’s family as usual. But they soon discovered that the wedding feast does not include mutton curry. Miffed over the lack of mutton on the menu, the groom’s side reportedly had an argument with the bride’s family.


The incident remains a topic of discussion in the country

Following the argument, groom Ramakant Patra decided to cancel the wedding. Though the bride’s side tried to persuade him, Patra was adamant. The barati then left without marriage. They reportedly stayed at a relative’s place in the same block for the rest of the day. Patra then married another woman from another village on the same night before returning home. Reports say no complaint has been filed regarding the issue. It is notable here that mutton curry is a popular dish in Odisha. It is often considered a must at weddings and most social events including picnics and other feasts. Families who do not include mutton curry in the wedding feast often face criticism from guests.

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