Due to the rising inflation in the country, there is an atmosphere of despair among the people. From petrol-diesel to electricity and everyday things, people are very upset due to the rising inflation. In such a situation, the central government is also constantly trying to bring new projects to the public to control inflation. Due to these schemes, the poor people of the country are getting some relief from inflation. Meanwhile, the central government has brought one such relief scheme. After which the general public breathed a sigh of relief.


What is the gift of the central government?

This big scheme of the central government is Solar Rooftop Subsidy Yojana. With this scheme of the government, people will get free electricity for 24 hours without paying the electricity bills for 25 years. To take advantage of this scheme, first, you have to pay 72 thousand rupees.

Let us tell you that under this scheme, the central government is running a solar power scheme. In this, you can install solar panels on the roof of your house. You do not even need to pay a lump sum for this. You can get solar panels installed in easy installments. The government is also giving subsidies on this. In such a situation, you can easily get these solar panels installed at a very low cost. Any citizen of the country can take advantage of this scheme of the Modi government, provided the consumer has 10 square meters of space for this. This will give you up to 1 kW of power.

How will the general public get the benefit?

If you install solar rooftop panels in your homes or agriculture under this Solar Rooftop Yojana, then you will get a solar power subsidy of up to 40 percent from the government for installing solar rooftop panels up to 3KW, while after 3KW, you will get 10KW by the central government. Up to 20 percent subsidy will be given. If you are taking a 3kW solar power panel then a subsidy of 4 percent will be available on the total cost of 37000 × 3 = 111000 rupees. In this way, you will have to pay only Rs 66,600 to 72 thousand.

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