On a live TV show a Muslim panelist offered BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to convert into Islam. Sambit Patra got very upset with this and objected it in very serious manner. A live debate on News 18 India channel was going on…discussing the issue of Sikh girls’ conversion in Kashmir. During the debate Shadab Chauhan, the spokesperson of the UP Peace Party offered Mr Patra to convert into Islam.

We offer Sambit Patra to join Islam- Shadab Chauhan

“I offer Sambit Patra to join Islam with love. I urge him to convert to Islam,” Shadab said. He further added – “There will be peace and happiness everywhere the day Ehqam-e-Ilahi and Nizam-e-Mustafa will rule.” Reacting to this Sambit Patra said that he objects the term used by the Peace Party spokesperson Shadab Chauhan. Patra said – “ Amish Bhai, on your show one person offered me to convert to Islam. I do not have problem with that. However, saying that there will be rule of Nizam-e-Mustafa is a problem. I think the Peace party clearly wants to bring Sharia law to the country and this is not done. Also, one person is clapping and other one is jumping during the debate.


Situation is to serious

If these things are being said on a TV show, think what is going on the ground?” The video of the debate has been shared by the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra’s official Twitter handle. After posting the video he wrote -“Today a spokesperson of UP Peace party Shadab Chauhan offered me to “convert to Islam”…he also said this country can only be fine when there is rule of Nizam-e-Mustafa or rule of Aurangzeb.

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