In midst of the farmer’s protest which is being gone in Delhi for a month now, Modi Government has taken a big decision. Agricultural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar announced that a total amount of 18 thousand crores will be deposited in accounts of over 9 crore farmers. He further said that he believes after a round of healthy talks with the farmers the constant aggression will come to an end.

He added further that On 25th December, which is also the birth anniversary of Former PM and veteran BJP leader Late Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which is also celebrated as Good Governance Day by the government. On this day the amount of 18000 crores will be transferred to accounts of over 9 crore farmers just within 2 hours. PM Narendra Modi will interact with the beneficiaries himself. He will talk to 6 Farmers in 6 States. The program will also be organized at the developmental block level. About 2 crore farmers have already registered to join this program.

He further added that the Government is fully ready to solve all doubts and queries regarding the MSP. Speaking on the farmer’s protest he said that ” Our government has always been dedicated towards the welfare of the farmers and I assure the farmer’s that every step that is being taken is for their benefit, as he invited them for another round of talks.

The program will also be organized at the development block level. 2 crore farmers have registered to join this program. He said Farmers’ Unions should tell us what needs to be improved government’s proposal. Farmer’s organization should tell us the date, we are ready for discussion. He has urged the farmer unions to understand the draft and inform the government. Agricultural Minister also said That he is very positive regarding talks with farmers and he believes that soon there will be a cut to it.

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