Gurmeet Singh Jolly, Shera, Indian celebrity bodyguard, Mr Mumbai junior title for bodybuilding in 1987, Mr Maharashtra junior in 1988.

Gurmeet Singh Jolly, also known as Shera, is an Indian celebrity bodyguard. He was born on 19 May, 1969 in a Sikh family. He is 51 years old now. He won a Mr Mumbai junior title for bodybuilding in 1987 and came second as Mr Maharashtra junior in 1988.

Shera runs a security firm, Tiger Security. His security firm was in charge of Grammy Award-winning singer Justin Bieber’s security during his Mumbai concert in 2017.

Shera recently took to Instagram to share a post with Salman Khan. Shera uploaded the post to commemorate 26 years of their partnership.

Well to be frank whenever you see Salman Khan you would see Shera there is no probability but 100% surety that you would see both of them together. Even his brothers and parents would be jealous of the time Shera spends with Salman. So we can say that only two things are always with Salman, one his lucky bracelet and other is Shera.

Let us tell you how Shera became Salman’s bodyguard. So, a lot of time ago Salman Khan had a concert in Chandigarh and the concert was over crowded and Salman was mobbed. Then Sohail Khan wanted a stronger bodyguard for his brother to protect him. They met Shera and they talked and finally he was appointed. Shera has been serving Bollywood actor Salman Khan since 1995 till now. Salman considers Shera as his family member.

Shera is no less than a celebrity now. There have been many instances like bawling at the media and scuffling with one of the media persons. He is like ‘Hanuman’ being the shield of his master no matter what comes in his way to protect his Boss.

Gurmeet Singh Jolly ‘Shera’ joined Shiv Sena in October, 2019.

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