Man nearly marries wrong woman, Courtesy, Google Map

Man nearly marries wrong woman: Courtesy, Google Map: While the advancement of technology has made our lives easy in most cases, complete dependency on it in most cases has often had unwanted outcomes. Like this one family of a groom in Indonesia, who turned up at the wrong venue on the day of his wedding! Reason? Well, it was blamed on a Google Maps goof-up.

The hosts welcomed the guests and were even offered refreshments. It was during the conversation between family members, luckily, that one of the bride’s family realized the mistake quickly and averted any embarrassing situation.

The hosts were shocked when they saw the man’s group as they did not know any of them while this family was expecting the guests from Kendal, the family that came to visit this home was from Pemalang. It was because of this difference in the location that one of the people realized something was wrong.

Rojak Daily reported that the group apologized and found their actual wedding venue with the help of this(host) family. As the story went viral, many wondered how the man himself did not realize he was in the wrong home. However, people are glad it worked out well in the end.

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