Over the years, it has been seen that many media houses cherry-pick cases in which the victim-perpetrator equation suits their narratives. It is essentially tailor-made to show a group as overwhelmingly the victims and Hindus as the perpetrators creating a false perception among minorities that they are under attack from ‘fascist’ Hindus with active cooperation from state machinery.

The harsh reality is that the Hindus have been an overwhelming target of hate crimes in India. Hindus have been murdered brutally and lynched for speaking up, in riots that were specifically anti-Hindu and driven by the minority groups and some, just for being Hindu.

The media often shies away from talking about these cases and the ones who do are attacked by the same ecosystem. In fact, even when the perpetrators are not Muslims, somehow, Hindu victims fail to inspire the outrage that Muslim victims do.

The malaise finds its roots in deep Hinduphobia and the fact that most of India’s media is terribly left-leaning. However, while the media stays silent, these Hindu victims, and many like them, must be remembered to ensure that the ordeal of the brutalized Hindu does not get lost in the minoritarian cacophony.

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