Syro-Malabar Church, Kerala had in 2020 released a strong statement, claiming Christian women were becoming victims of ‘love jihad’. This is now resonating with a section of its parishioners.

A young girl leaves home to marry her lover defying her parents. She’s happy barely for a few minutes before her now-husband reappears in a skullcap and a crisp white kurta-pajama. He takes off her bindi and covers her head with a dupatta. He then teaches what looks like the Quran to a group of people, before he sells off his wife to some people who appear to be terrorists.

This is not a lazy caricature from an archaic and offensive movie plot, but a video going viral in several Christian WhatsApp groups in Kerala.

The caption with the video, in Malayalam, reads: “The Left (CPI(M)- led Left Democratic Front) and the Right (Congress-led United Democratic Front) are competing to appear jihadists by covertly and overtly justifying the form of terrorism known as love jihad. We should not allow the jihadists to grow in their (LDF’s and UDF’s) shadow. For that we need to cut down the trees that provide them shelter. Think…act.”

Muslims fundamentalists taking their girls to Syria and no one is taking any kind of action. Kerala is an educated state so of course there are mixed marriages; we cannot call all such cases to love jihad. Conversion also is personal, but after that, if some are taken to Syria to ISIS, that’s a problem.

Other issues too have “upsetting” the community such as the conversion of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The global issues combined with the ‘love jihad’ cases have been very upsetting, so of course, they are in fear for their women.

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