A remote village that has long served as the main headquarters for backpackers and travelers in the idyllic Parvati.Valley. Partitioned between Old and New Kasol, Dharamkot village known as mini Israel of Himachal Pradesh is the only village of state with a Jewish community center – Chabad house. It is known as the second home for Israeli tourists coming to India. Most of the restaurants here serve Israeli dishes. ‘Hebrew’ is written on sign-boards at narrow streets here. It is situated at the height of 13,800 feet from sea level.

Today, visitors will find an Internet cafe, body piercing parlors, reggae bars, and many Western-style restaurants. Visitors are attracted to the town because of its hospitality, beautiful environment, and wild ‘Charas’, hand-made ‘Hashish’ made from the cannabis that is plentiful in the area.

Sources say that the primary attraction for foreign tourists for Himachal – made charas is its cheap prices. Once the charas crosses the state border, its market value becomes high.

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