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From the past few months, Whatsapp, the instant messaging app has been in the news for some or the other reason. The app made headlines due to its new privacy policy, which said that it might share your data with Facebook Business Partners. And if you don’t accept the policy your account would be deleted. However company later clarified it was only for business accounts, but till then Whatsapp had already lost many users.

Also, since then the company is trying hard to gain users by rolling out new features. Again, Whatsapp is in the news, but this time due to one of it’s upcoming features. In a much needed update Whatsapp is all set to roll out its log out feature. According to a popular tech website, now users on Whatsapp would be able to log out from the app just like Facebook.

The feature was being demanded by many users as the app kept itself active for 24 hours and if one wanted to take a break then he/she needed to either uninstall the app or delete the account. But with the log out feature users would be able to log out of the app as and when they like. According to reports, the feature has been already rolled out to some users in the beta testing. And is soon expected to launch on both iOS and Android in the future update

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