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Patna: Remember the 2019 Bihar Loksabha Elections? Once upon a time, Begusarai’s Lok sabha seat was known as the “comrades palace”. But, with the changing time, things have changed here and Begusarai too became “Right” from the “Left”. Years Later when JNU’s Student Leader Kanhaiya Kumar decided to enter politics, CPI saw a ray of hope in him that he could again establish the “Left” in Begusarai.

But contrary to their beliefs, this didn’t happen. So now the question arises- ” Is CPI now regretting making Kanhaiya a part of their party. There was a time when Kanhaiya appeared as an “Icon” for his party CPI. It was believed that Kanhaiya will prove to be a dose of strength for old leadership. The party also made him contest elections in 2019.

But now it seems that all is not well between the party and Kanhaiya. The reason for the dispute also appears to be interesting. The party feels that whatever Kanhaiya is, it is because of the party itself. But Kanhaiya considers himself as an independent identity. He feels whatever he has achieved is all by himself and denies to accept any contribution of the party for his identity. And because of this identity crisis, Kanhaiya seems to fall off from walking within the guidelines of the party.

The rift between the party and Kanhaiya’s relationship widened during the Bihar elections when Kanhaiya took several steps against the party’s will. It is said that after the results, a meeting was called by the Bihar unit of the party to review the results and there was a lot of uproar about Kanhaiya. At the local level, many party leaders allege that Kanhaiya did a lot of damage to many candidates because of his ‘Ego’.

It is also being said that Kanhaiya was expected to create a buzz in the youth for the party, but he has failed to do so. On the other hand, the old leadership of the party, which was not already ready to make space for any new leadership, has been given a chance by Kanhaiya Kumar through his conduct to make their position stronger than ever. . It is expected that the CPI may also take a decision regarding Kanhaiya Kumar soon.

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