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Indian Railways has now introduced an innovative design to enhance the journey experience of passengers particularly for those who travel on lower side berths. Most passengers find it uneasy and difficult to sleep on the berth because of the gap that is created when the seats are felled. But this new design solves this problem up to a very much extent if a video shared on Twitter is to be believed. In the mentioned video an official can be seen explaining the new design.

It has a separate mattress attached to the side of the berth which passengers can pull and place above on the gapped berth to get rid of the gap.

To upgrade passengers’ train travel experience, Indian Railways is redesigning the unreserved General Class coaches and 3-tier non-air-conditioned Sleeper Class coaches of various trains as AC coaches. This move can prove to be way more economical for passengers as it would allow the Railways to run AC coaches without taking away the low-cost option from passengers.

An official was quoted saying that This coach will be like an affordable air-conditioned 3-tier class, is likely to be termed as AC 3-tier Tourist Class. In the first phase, nearly 230 such coaches are likely to be produced.

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