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In the Vastu Shastra, Clock isn’t just a device hung up on the wall to view the time, it is much more than that. It perceives a clock as a very important aspect of a person’s life. It sees it as a source of power. But one should know about the right direction to place a wall because the direction is as important as the use of the clock.

According to Vastu, it is auspicious to place the clock in the east or north direction of the wall. According to Vastu, there is maximum positive energy present in the east and north direction. Putting a clock in these directions gives you the auspicious benefits of time. With time on your side, it strengthens your path to progress.

A clock in the East direction of the wall brings the auspicious money to your home. Apart from this, the positive synergy generated by it leads to positive thinking in the individuals living in the house. While the clock in the south direction in the house has the highest negative synergy. Therefore, the clock should never be placed in the south direction of the wall.

According to Vastu, a clock should never be placed above a door. As every person passing through it experiences a negative synergy. At the same time, if there is a poor clock, it should be removed immediately. As a nonworking or stalled clock needles emit negative energy as well. The broken clocks also indicate impoverishment and indicate lack of progress in one’s life.

According to Vastu, the black, blue, and red-colored clock should not be present in the house. While light green, brown, and yellow clocks are considered auspicious. Do no adjust the time of the clocks forward or backward. If the clock is running wrong then match it with the correct time.

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