How the Communists have turned Kerala into Killing fields..!!, ,Communists , Kerala ,Killing

In Kerala, the list of political violence perpetrated by the communists is long. Not just Kerala, even West Bengal had witnessed political killings while being under communist rule for long.

The Marxist party is believed to maintain a “scoreboard” of how many political rivals have been eliminated. “Bengal model” and “Kannur model” are something the party is proud of. Kannur often evokes the images of bloodshed as the highest number of Marxist violence took place in this north Kerala district.

Marxist party cadres have gone berserk. They have the clandestine support of the state government, converting Kerala into killing fields. Communists in their history have done this all over the world. Communists’ ideology itself is very violent. They have done this in Bengal earlier and they are doing this in Kerala and Tripura.

Most cases of political crimes have occurred in Kannur and Thalassery in north Kerala’s Malabar region.

The Marxist are intolerant towards other ideologies is well-known. World-over, this has been the experience since the October Revolution.

Retired Superintendent of police Subhash Babu once said the reason why politics of murder had reached such levels in Kerala was due to the politician-goons-police nexus.

It’s true. Since its formation in 1956, Kerala has imbibed political ideologies of all hues and colors from the communists to the socialists, the state saw a lot of murders.

Naxalism was a leftist extreme, but the broad story of Indian communists’ engagement with China down the decades has been complex.

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