Go Air's Captain Malik Allegedly Sacked for Making Controversial Remarks Against PM

Go Air on Thursday allegedly sacked one of its senior pilots for making controversial remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A spokesperson from the Indian Airline Providers gave the following input. He was asked about the controversial remarks made by the Co-Pilot Mickey Malik to which he replied-“GoAir has terminated the captain’s services with immediate effect.’ Captain Malik, who made controversial remarks about the Prime Minister on Thursday, removed the controversial tweets and locked his account on Twitter.

The spokesperson also said that the Company has a zero Tolerance Policy in such cases and the employee with the company should strictly follow its policy and refrain from making such remarks. He further added that The airline has no connection with the personal views expressed by any person or employee.

Sacked pilot apologizes-

Go-Air’s dismissed pilot reportedly has apologized for his conduct on Twitter. Pilot wrote-” I apologize for my tweets against the Prime Minister and others if it has hurt someone’s sentiments. He further added that Go-Air is not directly or indirectly associated with any of his tweets and the tweets were his personal opinion and not of the company.

He said in a statement- “I take full responsibility for this and accept the consequences for my mistake. ‘ On January 7, Co-Pilot with Go Air Mickey Malik made derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which the company management considered aggressive and against its policies and took action to dismiss the pilot immediately.

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