Ten individuals have been arrested in Gujarat on accusations of murdering a ‘Gaurakshak’ in Valsad district by running him over with a tempo on Friday. The victim, Hardik Kansara, was a VHP volunteer. The tempo was allegedly loaded with cattle and as per reports, the accused are believed to be part of an inter-state cow smuggling racket.

Police arrested 10 people, all were charged under IPC Section 304

The arrested accused include Asgar alias Makadiya Ansari, tempo driver, Javed Shaikh, Jamil Shaikh, Khalil Shaikh who are residents of Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. The other accused are Ansar Shaikh, Ali Alisar, Hasan Alisar and others, all local residents.
“All the 10 arrested were charged under IPC Section 304. It is a well-organised network supplying cattle from Valsad to Bhiwandi and other places in Maharashtra. There are few others who are absconding but we will trace them,” said Valsad District SP, Rajdeepsinh Zala to Indian Express.


‘Gaurakshak’ Hardik Killed By Cow Smugglers in Gujrat

The victim, Hardik Kansara, was reportedly keeping a watch at the Bam Creek bridge on the Dharampur-Valsad road after receiving information that a tempo carrying cattle would pass by that road. In order to stop the tempo, Hardik parked a truck at the centre of the road. The tempo driver reportedly drove the vehicle over him when Hardik was standing near the truck and injured him severely in the process.

A short distance after, the accused abandoned the tempo. Valsad Police discovered that the cattle was being transported from Bansol village and was heading to Bhiwandi in Maharashtra. Hardik Kansara’s uncle is the district President of BJP in Valsad. Five of the accused have been arrested in the past connection with illegal transportation of cows in Maharashtra and Gujarat. As per reports, the accused have also been booked under sections of the Gujarat Essential Commodities and Cattle (Control) Act and the Motor Vehicles Act.

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