Do not “waste” Rs 35,000 crore on COVID vaccination: Lok Sabha MP to Government: Even as the World Health Organisation urges countries to increase COVID vaccination coverage in order to beat the scourge of the pandemic, a Lok Sabha MP said in Parliament that government should not waste Rs 35,000 crore on the inoculation drive.

YSRCP Lok Sabha MP Sanjeev Kumar Singari asked the government not to waste Rs 35,000 crore on the COVID vaccination drive and instead use the money in improving the health infrastructure in the country.

The Kurnool MP, who is a doctor by profession, said that the vaccination drive is waste of money as it is not possible to vaccinate every single person.

“Now the government is proposing to spend Rs 35,000 crore on COVID-19 vaccination, this is a waste of money in my view. COVID-19 vaccine saves us only for 6-9 months after that Rs 35,000 crore will be evaporated,” Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singari said in Lok Sabha.

On a bizarre note, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singari said that a pandemic like this comes once in every 100 years and hence should not be given much importance.

Interestingly, six members of Dr Sanjeev Kumar’s family had tested COVID-19 positive last April.

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