Sanjay Singh of Aam Aadmi Party on Friday attempted to teach ‘true Islam’ to Sharjeel Usmani after the Newslaundry columnist celebrated the death of Aaj Tak News anchor Rohit Sardana. He recounted a story of how the Prophet of Islam had responded with kindness to a woman who had earlier thrown garbage at him. In his response, Sanjay Singh tried hard to pretend that he knew and understood Islam better than the Islamic fundamentalists, going overboard with the honorific used for the Prophet.

“Do not try to teach Islamic fundamentalists the true meaning of Islam.”

It is hard to know precisely what he was looking to achieve with his comment apart from affirming his Uber-Secular credentials but the responses he received confirmed what common sense would have us believe. “Do not try to teach Islamic fundamentalists the true meaning of Islam.” One Abdul Raziq shot back at Sanjay Singh over his comments.

“Muslims do not need any certificate from you.”

Adding that “Muslims do not need any certificate from you.” ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had a PhD degree in Islamic studies and he is only just one example. We have numerous examples of Maulanas and Maulvis in India who preach hatred all the time. Weirdly enough, liberals appear to be of the opinion that all religions preach liberalism. Whatever be the main liberal political issue of the time, they will claim that all religions support that position.


Be it abortion, homosexuality or feminism, according to liberals, the true message of all religions is always somehow the one liberals want it to be. And as it so happens, even reputed Islamic scholars have said that the story told by AAP’s Sanjay Singh does not have any basis in reality.

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